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Why GeeksOnTime

  • More Available HelpDesk
  • More Available Technicians
  • More Knowledge and Skills to Serve You
  • One Company Nationwide
  • More Accountable

There are a vast number of computer and IT service companies for you to choose from.

Why should you choose GeeksOnTime?


Because we bring all the elements together. Because we speak your language and because we manage your needs more effectively than any single technician can. Our award winning 24.7 HelpDesk along with our nationwide network of technicians is a powerful combination that ensures you have the talent you need to get things done and ensure it is done right.

Sure, some problems are simple and many technicians in your area can handle them. But what happens if a technician you choose on your own runs into an issue he/she needs help with? Even the most accomplished and experienced technician can run into issues or challenges they have not seen before and need assistance. We provide it to them through our HelpDesk.  You get the backing of our entire group of technicians when any one technicians is onsite.

Beyond the single technician

If you find a good technician, that's great. But what if the technician you depend on is so good and so booked up, they are never available when you need them? We provide you a tem of technicians supervised by our HelpDesk that knows you and your likes and dislikes, maintains your service history and ensures you are satisfied and supported.

What sets us apart from all the rest?

In short, we understand the human element of IT services. We understand that the most important part of your computer is not the hard drive; it's not the processing speed or the video card. It's the countless number of hours and enormous amount of energy that you have poured into creating the files stored on your system. Your computer is your lifeline and we never forget that there is a real human being sitting behind the keyboard making real decisions. Lost data and virus activity are not just a computer failure. They can also be an emotional event.

If all computer and technology support issues were simply a matter of "throwing a tech" at the situation, you could just go to the yellow pages and pick one out. But technical expertise is only part of the issue. Clear communications, understanding, and support are integral to your results.