Who We Are

1-800-GeeksOnTime is not a marketing agency or a simple technician service directory. We are more than just a group of service techs who come to your home or business. We are also a HelpDesk and we are a service management community dedicated to empowering you in the service experience...
We are the finest model in technology support today because we understand the people who use technology. We know their frustrations are as important as the fixes, and the solutions communicated  are nearly as important as providing them. We know the emotional and human component of technology.
We augment our nationwide network of over 1200 service technicians with an award winning 24.7 HelpDesk staffed by knowledgeable, friendly service staff who know their job and the tools that make it work.
We are technicians, helpdesk members, executives and customer service staff with a superior mission to help computer users to be left more in control of their technology than when they called us.
Who are we? We are your technology assistants looking after your interests. Or course, yes, we will book an onsite or remote technician for you and resolve issues remotely but we will also be accountable for what is done and ensure your are satisifed in every reasonable way possible.
This is superior service in an industry that has long lacked the need to understand what service is all about. Based on the original principles put in place by our Founder, 1-800-GeeksOnTime continues to expand its capabilities without ever losing its core service focus that created our reason for being.