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Java still a Critical Failure


What is Java

When we think about Java, coffee comes to mind; this Java however, is the computer based Java.  It is software developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995.  It is currently one of the most prominently used programming languages in existence.  What makes this such a used language is the platform in which the development of it is used, the same set of code can be made and run on different systems because of the universal ability of it.  Since Java is used in virtually every electronic on the planet the actual use of it is known for computer games, chat programs, and other items as well.

Since this platform isn’t OS specific it can run on any computer.  This has its advantages in the fact that it is almost universal; however, has its dark side to which it is exploitable with a vast range of systems.  Typical malware is made specific to a browser or OS like Chrome and IE or Windows and Mac respectively.  With a java exploit it is able to be written once and used on every system with Java enabled.


Why You should disable it 

It’s now coming to light, or rather, coming further to light that even though Sun has dealt with two vulnerabilities in the software, it still leaves holes into your system to be exploited.  The holes are a security risk that Homeland Security says cyber attackers can get into your system and potentially steal sensitive information making way for identity theft.  It seems that versions 7 through 10 are at risk for this. Anonymous "Hacktivists" claim to have used one of these vulnerabilities to take control of a department of justice website


JavaScript and Java

You shouldn’t get confused by JavaScript and Java, they are two separate items.  They are both programming languages but Java is what they are focusing on.  DoHS advise people to disable Java on their browser, some websites will be affected, however, you can enable it at those times.  Disabling Java on your browser essentially closes the door to the potential cyber attackers having access to your system.  While some sites do need Java, others do not, therefore disabling it will not drastically affect your web surfing ability.


How to disable it 

Adopt-a-Geek customers should just send an email and we will disable it for you at no charge 

We also provide detailed instuctions for 


By Andrew Campbell